You start the game by picking one of two available characters: Greg, the Paladin or Val, the Valkyrie. Each character starts with his/her own set of gear and tokens. Don’t worry too much about who you pick, as you’ll unlock the other one when you reach Stage 8.

The game will immediately throw you into your first fight where you’ll learn the basics of battle. The battle board will automatically open tokens at the starting point (the golden lion’s crest). You can use a token by tapping on it, or tap-and-hold to see what it does. Using a token will automatically open any closed tokens adjacent to it. Using a token also takes up one turn. If similar adjacent tokens open in the board, those tokens become linked. Using linked tokens will use all linked tokens up in a single turn with extra damage. An enemy will attack when it’s turn counter reaches zero.

After the first fight, you’ll get your chosen hero’s starting helmet that comes with new tokens that will be available on your battle board. The tutorial will help you equip your new helmet. After equipping your helmet, you may tap on the second node to start the next battle or repeat Stage 1 again.

The next few levels will run you through the basics of crafting, pets, orbs, and potions.Once you beat Stage 7, you will unlock the hero that you did not choose at the start. You can switch to this hero by tapping on his/her portrait in the map screen. Some later levels will be locked to certain heroes; you can tell which hero the level is for through a special node in the map. The game automatically switches to the required hero if you try to play that level while using a different hero.

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