The Citadel is the third map overall, following the Burning Valley. Your goal is to fight your way to the castle and rescue the princess.

Stages 41 to 65 Edit

Stage Enemies
41 Pikeman A
42 Small Barricade, Ranger A
43 Small Barricade, Ranger A, Ranger B
44 Pikeman B, Small Barricade, Ranger A
45 Pikeman A, Pikeman C
46 Small Barricade, Pikeman C, Ranger B
47 Knight A, Ranger C
48 Knight B, Small Barricade, Ranger C
49 Knight B, Knight C
50 Small Barricade, Ranger D
51 Pikeman D
52 Large Barricade, Ranger C, Ranger D
53 Knight D
54 Pikeman C, Large Barricade, Ranger D
55 Knight D, Ranger C, Ranger D
56 Pikeman B, Knight B
57 Large Barricade, Pikeman C, Ranger D
58 Large Barricade, Knight C, Ranger A
59 Knight D, Large Barricade, Ranger D
60 Pikeman C, Knight C, Ranger C
61 Pikeman D, Ranger D, Ranger D
62 Knight C, Knight C, Ranger C
63 Knight D, Knight D, Knight D
64 Knight D, Ranger D, Ranger D
65 Orc Princess

Sidequests Edit

# Unlocks with Required Hero
1 Stage 42 Valkyrie
2 Stage 45 Mage
3 Stage 51 Any
4 Stage 51 Any
5 Stage 56 Any
6 Stage 59 Valkyrie
7 Stage 63 Paladin
# Level Enemies
1 1 Jonah, Johan
2 Pikeman A, Pikeman A
2 1 Pikeman A, Ranger A
2 Ranger A, Ranger A
3 Pikeman A, Ranger A, Ranger A
3 1 Pikeman B, Jonah, Pikeman A
2 Small Barricade, Ranger A, Jonah
3 Large Barricade, Jonah, Ranger B
4 1 Jonah, Johan, Knight A
2 Jonah, Ranger B, Johan
3 Knight A, Jonah, Johan
4 Large Barricade, Jonah, Johan
5 1 Knight C, Large Barricade, Ranger B
2 Large Barricade, Pikeman B, Ranger B
3 Small Barricade, Knight A, Ranger B
6 1 Pikeman B, Pikeman A, Pikeman A
2 Pikeman B, Ranger B, Ranger B
3 Knight A, Ranger B
4 Knight C, Ranger A
7 1 Knight A, Knight A
2 Knight A, Ranger B, Ranger A
3 Knight A, Knight B, Ranger B
4 Pikeman C, Knight B, Knight C
5 Large Barricade, Knight B, Ranger B
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