Val profile

Val, the Valkyrie

“Once the pride of the heavens, this valiant valkyrie has turned to gambling and never looked back.”

Val is one of the two options for the starting character. If you chose Greg as your starting character, you can unlock her after clearing Stage 8.


Starting GearEdit

For a list of Val's starting gear, you may refer to Valkyrie's Starting Gear.


Name Level Req. Description
Redemption 1 3 Gain 30HP when you kill an enemy.
Armor 1 10 Reduces damage recieved by 3.
Redemption 2 20 Gain 50HP when you kill an enemy.
Last Stand 2 30 Do 30% more damage when health is below 20%
Redemption 3 50 Gain 100HP when you kill an enemy.

Customization OptionsEdit

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